Travel Dual Team's

Travel Dual Team's

Travel Dual Team Information & Camp Information 

Gear –EAC is optional for each trip and can be purchased on our MyHouse Gear Page

Orders will ship directly to your home and items need to be placed a few weeks before the Dual trip! 

Two Dual Team Spots - First spot is $100, Second Team Spot -15% - Exp. 100 pounds HS Dual Team, & 100 pounds 15U Dual Team at the same event. 

Dual Team Spots - $100 Invoice will be emailed, once deposit is made, the spots is locked. If deposit is not in after a few days we open the spot back up unless other arguments have been made. Deposit and full payment: no refunds, unless special circumstance’s! If gear was ordered we cannot issue any refunds after order Is placed! 

Overnight Camp – Wrestlers pack smart, what you need for practices, extra shirts and shorts, swim trunks, shower items, towel, soap, money for food, as wrestlers are taken to the grocery store to shop for food, and they can order and stock refrigerators. Sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, foldable cot. Again, limit the number of items you bring as it gets cramped, and if your using the bus it takes up space! 

Commuter Camp – Wrestlers bring change of clothes, lunch money, towel, and swim trunks. Have spending money just in case. 

Dual Trips & Camps - No Refunds on gear orders, No Refunds on camps, Refunds on Duals can be granted in dual/tournament cancels - (219)841-1906 - 

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