2018 Summer Nationals Atl. City NJ

ELITE ATHLETIC CLUB is headed back to Atlantic City - this time to defend our HS National Championship and move up the ranks on our 4th place finish with our Middle School team. 

Traning Camp July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th 29th 30th - You can travel to and from the camp or stay at Elite. If you choose to stay at Elite, you need to bring soap, towell, sleeping bag, and food money. Wrestlers will be allowed to go to the store and purchase food. Full Kitchen, and showers are at the gym! 

Depart July 31st to Athlantic City 
August 1-3 Wrestle 
August 4th Hang out at Wildwood NJ 
Head Home August 5th

Gear Package $160
Singlet Only $50
Travel, Housing, Dual, Camp, $700
Parents wishing to stay in the home for the week = $300 for the week and space is limited. 

Camp will be at Elite Athletic Club and is included in the cost. If the wrester is from out of the area, they can arrange a stay with another wrestler or they can stay at Elite Athletic Club.

Travel and Hosing are included, if the wrestler is not traveling with the team it is still factored into the total. 
Housing is the wrestler chooses not to stay with the team it again is factored into the cost. I would suggest that they travel and stay with the team as it was a lot of fun last year!

HS Team, Middle School Team and 12U teams this year. 

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