Cambria County Fall Brawl PA, Dual Team Results

Cambria County Fall Brawl

E.A.C. traveled to Johnstown PA WITH A High School Dual team October 6th- the 8th The team all met up at weigh ins the day before the dual meet and quickly bonded. Our bigger guys were not able to arrive till 7am the day of the dual. Those guys had a rough morning having had to play a football game Friday night and then immediately jump in the car and head eight hours to PA. E.A.C went into each dual without a heavy weight, which was very unfortunate but the team handled the adversity well. Rd. 1 E.A.C defeated Indiana OutLaws (Red) 37-7 Rd. 2 E.A.C defeated All-American 41-12 Rd. 3 BYE Rd. 4 E.A.C defeated Ares 33-19 Rd. 5 (Championship Dual) E.A.C vs Indiana Outlaws (Black) This was a dual that we expected. Indiana Outlaws have been the travel team of Indiana for the last several years. Coach Bailey and his staff are a tremendous club. Our kids new that this would be a tough task at hand. The Outlaws team had two previous team members from out last dual trip in NJ. E.A.C fell short by one match, having have had to FF at HWT hurt, but we were very proud of our finish and look forward to growing and improving!

Dual team runner ups and records 102 Preston Teausch 3-1, 110 Matt Adamczyk and Brady Lewis, 117 Nick Buchanan 3-1, 125 Ian Heath 3-1, 135 David Taylor, 145 Brock Ellis 4-0, 155 Gaige Bustos 3-1, 167 Cody Snook, 182 Jamari Washington 3-1, 200 James Lewis 3-1  
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